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Cardio Boxing Bootcamp
Las vegas

Whatever your fitness goals are, or where you are at physically this class will test your fortitude.

What Our Students Say

“This class is a non stop cardio blast that challenges every part of your body, I cant say enough good things about the class and the instructors, I have lost sooo much weight – thanks Boe!!!”

Our instructors create a supportive family like-environment

Cardio bootcamp is a fitness based class with non stop movement for the entire hour. Students of all skill levels and physical abilities participate on a daily basis. This class is great for weight loss, cardio conditioning and mental discipline. Set goals for yourself and let us help you hit them. This is one best fitness classes that Las Vegas has to offer.

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Class Trainer

A'ndrea Boe

A'ndrea studied dance since the age of 4 through her years at UNLV. She is...


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Days: Mon-Thurs
Time: 10am - 11am & 5:30pm - 6:30pm