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Personal Trainer Las Vegas

If you are looking for private personal training sessions, our team of dedicated coaches and instructors are well versed in strength training, conditioning, nutrition & weight loss. We work with you to set goals not just in the gym but in life as well. Our supportive program will help you get both your body and mind in a great healthy place.

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“Training with Andrea & Steve has really changed my life, they are so much like family are really care about their students”

Get in the best shape of your life! No gimmics, just the best training you have ever had.Specializing in body transformations, boxing conditioning, plyometrics, sports conditioning, fitness competitions or just losing weight!

Combining the INBODY Scan, Meal Planning and coaching to help you achieve your goals. InBody involves an easy to use BIA with pin-point accuracy of hydrostatic weighing. Tests have shown that InBody correlates with hydrostatic results 98% of the time. This simple process involves holding 2 handles for one minute while standing on a metallic platform. Not only do the results show body fat percentage, but InBody actually tells where fat is being stored as well as where extra water is collecting (edma) – this can be a sign of injury. Also measured is your RMR, BMR, and the relative strength of your arms & legs and extremities.

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Steve Boe

Steve's background includes wrestling, grappling, football, rugby, MMA and of course Boxing. Working with many different people...


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Time: Anytime (call for booking)
Days: Monday - Saturday