Age : 48 year old
Training Experience : 35 years

Steve’s background includes wrestling, grappling, football, rugby, MMA and of course Boxing. Working with many different people from every walk of life, Steve’s personal training versatility is impressive! He trains any range from Fitness Model, Bikini Competition & Prep, Sports Athletic Conditioning, Weight Loss, Body Building, Body Sculpting, and rehabilitation nutritional counseling – he can customize your routine to reach your fitness and health goals.

Training Experience
Licensed Trainer
Steve is a licensed trainer with the Nevada Athletic Commission and USA boxing. He specializes in training professional and amateur boxers & matchmaking. He has worked with Samuel Peters, King Arthur Williams, and the list goes on.
Training Skills
  • Boxing Technique 97 %
  • Cardio Conditioning 99 %
  • Weight Loss 100 %
  • Match Making 97 %

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A'ndrea studied dance since the age of 4 through her years at UNLV. She is a Certified Boxing Coach With USA Boxing & Fitness Trainer. She currently manages all aspects of the gym and teaches adult cardio & bootcamp classes as well as youth exercise classes. She specializes in fitness for women through personal training and nutritional meal plans.